NJ MVC Chapter 4 - Safe Driving Rules & Regulations and the Move Over Law
By Ex-Chief Pierre Gauthier
January 13, 2018

Chapter 4 - Safe Driving Rules & Regulations
Added March 26, 2009
As of January 27, 2009, New Jersey's "Move Over" law requires that all motorists approaching a stationary, authorized emergency vehicle, tow truck, highway maintenance or other emergency service vehicle that is displaying a flashing, blinking or alternating red, blue, amber or yellow light or, any configuration of lights containing one of these colors, must change lanes, safety and traffic conditions permitting, into a lane not adjacent to the authorized vehicle. If a lane change is impossible, prohibited by law or unsafe, the motorist must reduce the speed of his/her vehicle to a reasonable and proper speed that is lower than the posted speed limit and be prepared to stop, if necessary. Motorists who violate this law face a fine of not less than $100 and not more than $500. (C.39:4-92.2 and 39:3-84.6)

Governor Signs Move Over Law

Governor Jon Corzine signed the Move Over bill, S-180, on January 27th and it became P.L.2009, c.5. This law requires motor vehicle operators to reduce the speed of their vehicles and change lanes when approaching an authorized emergency vehicle, that is displaying flashing, blinking, or alternating red and/or blue emergency lights. Drivers can be fined up to $500 if they don't veer away from police and other emergency vehicles on the shoulder of roadways. New Jersey joins more then 40 states in enacting the law.

You should consider posting messages on the announcement board outside your Station. Delaware has signs that read, "Move Over or Reduce Speed for Stopped Emergency or Maintenance Vehicles." Another suggestion, "Move over, slow down, pass by us cautiously." Possible add, "It's the Law.