COVID-19 Community Information
By Ex-Chief Pierre Gauthier
March 14, 2020



This is Mayor Deirdre Dillon. I want to update you on the evolving COVID-19 situation. There are no reported cases of COVID-19 in Ramsey at this time. Per directives from the State of New Jersey and Bergen County, we are closing certain borough facilities. The Ramsey Library is closed to the public. The Farmers Market has been cancelled. Borough parks and fields are closed to organized sports. In addition, borough officials will be visiting businesses to inform them of the directives from the State and County, which include a ban on gatherings of 250 or more persons and the recommendation that the organizers of public gatherings of 50 or more persons use their best efforts to record the contact information of all persons in their facilities in the event contact tracing activities should become necessary. Please be assured that Ramsey is prepared for COVID-19 and we have protective gear (masks, gloves and gowns) for emergency first responders in the event they need to respond to a suspected COVID-19 call. The Board of Public Works has contingency plans in place to ensure that the water system remains fully operational and compliant with all federal and state requirements.
During this challenging time, please contact any elderly or house bound neighbors to see if they need assistance. If you do not feel well, please self-isolate. Wash your hands frequently and do not touch your face. If you call 911 or the Ramsey Police Department for assistance and you believe that you have the flu or possibly COVID-19, please inform the dispatcher so that the first responders wear protective gear when they respond to your call.
Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation in the public domain regarding COVID-19. Accurate and up to date information on COVID-19 can be found on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website ( and the New Jersey Department of Health website www.n·. ov health . In addition, you·can contact the New Jersey Coronavlrus & Poison Center Hotline at 1-800-222-1222 to speak with a trained healthcare professional.
Once again, there are no reported cases of COVID-19 in Ramsey at this time. Please stay calm, carry on, wash your hands frequently and practice common sense social distancing measures.
Thank you